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Dear Friends,

I experienced something beautiful at our last concert in Schwaz in Tyrol that I want to share with you. During the concert I saw a “couple“ in the first row.. However I quickly noticed that they were mother and daughter.. The girl, who was about 20, laid her head on her mother’s shoulder. I could hardly carry on singing when I saw them standing moved me deeply seeing them like that.. I too, have a very close relationship with my mother and I immediately identified with the girl… I asked myself what the intimately united two were doing at my concert.. Where was the connection to my music? After the concert I was lucky enough to hear their extraordinary story and their connection to me…

The mother asked the daughter to tell their story..

While the mother was pregnant with the girl and even after birth she exclusively listened to Papermoon music. Since then my music connects the two in a very special way.. When I heard this I was so deeply moved.. There is NOTHING more beautiful than being able to touch and unite people with our music.. If mother and daughter can build a bridge of love through my music then I have achieved everything I have ever wanted..

I’m incredibly sorry that I forgot to ask the “lovers” how I could stay in contact with them as I want to invite them to the Christmas concert. That is why I am turning to you.. So if you are reading this please contact my management. Your radiating aura caught my eye like a light in a dark room before I even knew your magical story. I will never forget you.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.. and I hope you inspire many more people who put love above all through my words.

Your Edina

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